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Savoring Life's Spiritual Journey

The alchemy of transforming everyday experiences into life changing events

By Colleen Foye Bollen

     Just as alchemists transform base metals into gold, stories help people transmute everyday experiences into golden, life changing events.

     Savoring Life’s Spiritual Moments, uses the power of story to explore spiritual insights that arise from everyday situations, such as forgiving oneself and others; coping with anger, fear and grief; and living with ease and grace. Blending information from a wide variety research studies, publications and life experiences, Bollen extracts the essence of the stories to show how common situations can trigger magical revelations.


     Each story ends with a section called, “Make it Your Story,” a series of creative exercises that encourage personal reflection. The combination of stories and thought-provoking exercises serves as a catalyst for readers to become active designers of their spiritual development. By the conclusion of the book, readers are able to transform lofty spiritual ideals into practical ideas they can apply to their daily lives.

​I love Savoring Life's Spiritual Moments so much, I bought sixteen copies for clients, family and friends. - A.Preston


Colleen Bollen has written a lovely primer for turning ordinary moments into spiritual check-ins with yourself. I love her invitation to take her story example and “make it your story,” which turns this book into an active romp into your journal, your life, and a deeper self-awareness.

Tama Kieves, author of This Time I Dance!: Creating the Work you Love, Thriving Through Uncertainty: Moving Beyond Fear of the Unknown and Making Change Work for You and others.

I love Colleen’s writing. Her personal stories demonstrate that spirituality is a fact of life and she shows us how we can find beauty and meaning in the passing moments of our days. Her stories also demonstrate how she has taken spiritual teachings and applied them to her daily life. Thus, she provides us with a meaningful blueprint of how to walk our talk. I also loved how she involves the reader at the end of each entry. Thank you Colleen!

Sharlyn Hidalgo, MA, author of The Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys Through the Celtic Tree Calendar, Nazmy – Love is My Religion: Egypt, Travel and a Quest for Peace and others.


With a title, Savoring Life's Spiritual Moments, I can honestly say that for me, this book was a very savoury morsel. Generally speaking, this type of book does not appeal to me . . . but this is an exception. Colleen writes with verve and humour, literally carrying the reader into her many stories before unveiling their insight with minimum words and fuss. I like her style. I like her writing. I like the obvious honesty of her stories. She is a brilliant storyteller. I really enjoyed this book, and whether you are deeply into spirituality or a comparative beginner, I strongly recommend it.

Michael J. Roads, author of Through the Eyes of Love - Journeying with Pan – Books One, Two and Three, Entering the Secret World of Nature and others.

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