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The artwork in Savoring Life's Spiritual Moments is another example of the book's philosophy - transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Using a digital darkroom, Colleen took photographs of every day scenes and created unique pieces of art. This page shows the common images used to create the artwork used for the book cover and the chapter heading and how the images look after being transformed into magical mandalas.

50 Coleus plants Kaleidoscope  10 x
50 Coleus plants Kaleiodscope 10 x 8.jpg

Book cover * The original image was a cluster of coleus plants.

4 Garden Balls Molbacks  book.jpg
4 Garden Ball Molbacks Kaleidoscope  boo

Inside cover page * The original image was a mosaic garden ball and hydrangeas.

20 Hawthorn Branches.jpg
20 Hawthorne branch Kaleidoscope 10 x 8.

Chapter One - Joy * The original image was the flowering branch of a hawthorne tree.

1 curved branches Cottage Grove 8 x 10.j
1 curved branches Kaleidoscope 8 x

Chapter Two - Gratitude - * The original image was twisting tree branches.

72 slanted rock 10 x 8.jpg
72 Slanted rock Kaleidoscope 10 x 8.jpg

Chapter Three - Inspiration * The original image was a slate rock cliff.

97 North Cascade Rock.jpg
97 North Cascade Rock Kaleidoscope TWO.j

Chapter Four - Grace * The original image was a rock wall.

21 Two strings of beads 1.jpg
21 Two strings of beads Kaleioscope 10 x

Chapter Five - Conscious Living * The original image was strings of turquoise beads.

Fabric idea.jpg
85 fabric kalidoscope 10x8.jpg

Chapter Six - Introspection * The original image was several bolts of fabric.

79 Volunteer Park Conservatory Cropped.J
79 Volunteer Park Conservatory Kaleidosc

Chapter Seven - Divine Lessons  * The original image was painted daiseys and coleus plants.

52 Maple 2 8 x 10.jpg
52 Maple 2 Kaleidoscope 8 x 10.jpg

Chapter Eight - Reflection * The original image was a path lined with maple trees.

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